Puyol questions Xavi stance

Former Barcelona defender Carles Puyol has questioned Xavi Hernandez’s recent comments. “He wouldn’t have signed Cesc Fabregas or Gerard Pique…”

Xavi recently claimed he would not bring back players who left Barca as youngsters, with two high-profile examples being Fabregas – who was re-signed from Arsenal – and Pique, the defender having become “the best in the world” via Manchester United, according to Puyol.

“It’s his opinion, but therefore he wouldn’t have signed Cesc or Pique, the latter of whom has given incredible service,” he said after Spain’s 8-1 win against Nigeria in the Legends World Cup quarter-finals on Saturday.

“I think that we have to analyse each case individually and we also have to analyse the reasons that led them to leave.

“You have to see things as they happen and if you have the chance to sign Pique, who’s the best centre-back in the world, and you don’t because he was at your club and left, it’s a mistake.

“But like I said, it’s his opinion and it must be respected.”

Xavi Hernandez


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